Alight in action

in Uganda


received shelter, protection, and other crucial support


obtained child-protection services


received GBV servicesand accessed safe spaces for healing

Founding Year
Customers served
Congolese, South Sudanese, Burundians, Rwandese, Somali, Ethiopian  
Enterprise Director
Rosine Mpamya

Uganda faces significant challenges in hosting Africa's largest displaced population, comprising over 1.6 million people from 14 nationalities, predominantly women and children under 18 years. Despite 90% of refugees living in rural settlements and engaging in small-scale agriculture, low productivity persists due to inadequate practices, technologies, and weather unpredictability. Limited access to formal employment and self-employment opportunities outside agriculture is hindered by inadequate qualifications and exacerbated by a lack of education among 40% of refugee household heads.

  • 43,486 received education support
  • 17,104 received livelihood support (with a focus on women’s economic empowerment)
  • 13,958 received mental health and psychosocial support
Building Nakivale Refugee Center's first library

Despite being home to over 100,000 people, Nakivale lacked public access to books, limiting opportunities for growth and leisure reading. Alight's new Nakivale Library changed this, becoming a community hub for readers, writers, and all ages. A separate children's library was added to keep noise levels down in the main library. Additionally, there's an artists' corner, a writers' book club, and even writing contests and childcare opportunities.

Alight's Safe Ride program in Uganda

Alight’s Safe Ride program in Uganda helps boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) drivers build a profitable, violence-preventing network. Safe Ride has turned boda-boda drivers into agents of positive change, enhancing safety and community income.

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