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The war in Ukraine destroyed cities, separated families, andforced a quarter of the population to leave their homes. In the first year ofthe conflict, eight million Ukrainians left to neighboring countries and fivemillion were internally displaced. Presently, close to six million individualsremain outside their homeland.

  • Provided hundreds of tons of food to displaced people in Lviv and Kharkiv
  • Sent medicines and medical supplies to hospitals in Sumy and Kyiv
  •  Supported a Lviv orphanage housing over 600 children
  • Funded small organizations in eastern Ukraine, with grants averaging $10,000 each
  • Supported Mother's Kitchen in various distributions, including clothes, crockery, blankets, bedding, shoes, and food to Zahaltsi village
  • Became the fiscal sponsor of FARMERHOOD, a digital platform aiding Ukrainian farmers to restore farms, maintain operations, and support their workforce
  • Provided blankets, hats, socks, mittens, beds, and warming tents for families crossing the border into Poland
  • Supported Ukrainians at reception centers and service hubs beyond the border
Alight Guides navigate Ukrainians to safety through

At the start of the war in 2022, Vitaliy and Katia lived near an area that had been occupied by the Russian military; they had to close their shop and struggled to find work. Concerned for their three daughters, they took a train to Poland. Not knowing what to do, they spent their first night sleeping on benches at the station. Next day, they met an Alight guide who found them a free 30-day stay from, providing a safe, clean place to rest and plan their next steps in peace

Colours of Resilience event offers community for LGBTIQ refugees in Germany

Alight affiliate ORAM offered a series of events for LGBTIQ people fleeing Ukraine. One event, Colours of Resilience, brought participants together to cook and enjoy borsch, followed by a screening of the Ukrainian short film Before Curfew, depicting a queer love story during wartime. Another event was an employment workshop co-facilitated with the International Rescue Committee, providing information on employment support, vocational education, and training opportunities in Germany.

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