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Centering customers’ voices in Colombia with Kuja Kuja

Our affiliate Kuja Kuja, developed by Alight in collaboration with, is a cutting-edge real-time feedback system designed to monitor customer satisfaction with products and services. It captures their suggestions for improvement and makes this data publicly accessible.


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Since its launch in 2016 at the Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda, Kuja Kuja has seen successful implementation across numerous African locations. Recently, it has expanded its reach to Colombia, where humanitarian organizations use it to better understand and respond to the needs of the communities they serve.

Why does this matter? A woman in Arauca, Colombia, encapsulated the issue: “Humanitarian organizations do not ask us what we want or what is most important to us; they give us the help they think we need.” Kuja Kuja enables organizations to listen closely to their customers, allowing them to identify what’s working, what needs improvement, and what new initiatives could be introduced. Here are some recent examples of the impactful changes that have resulted.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)

Working with ADRA, Kuja Kuja integrated feedback from nearly 17,000 people to improve health and WASH projects for Venezuelan migrants in Colombia. This partnership led to enhanced healthcare access, strengthened interorganizational collaboration, and improved community engagement. As a result of Kuja Kuja’s learnings, ADRA expanded services, improved medical documentation, and addressed extended needs such as food security and safety. Future initiatives include psychological services and nutritional interventions, ensuring a comprehensive approach to community wellbeing.


The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)

In collaboration with HIAS in Colombia, Kuja Kuja helped gather more than 1,700 voices from people involved in the organization’s empowerment, housing, and economic inclusion programs. This feedback resulted in the development of an enhanced empowerment curriculum, logistical adjustments, improved communication systems, and efforts to prevent gender-based violence among children and adolescents. HIAS also adapted regional initiatives, moving activities to larger spaces in Peru and targeting women for economic inclusion activities.

The Cash for Urban Assistance (CUA) Consortium

The CUA Consortium, comprising the Norwegian Refugee Council, Danish Refugee Council, and Action Against Hunger, partnered with Kuja Kuja to collect feedback from more than 17,000 individuals. This collaboration focused on improving cash transfer services through digital communication, fraud prevention, feedback mechanisms, and logistics improvements. They also developed the CREA program, offering training in entrepreneurship, employability, and nutrition.

The Red Cross

Partnering with the Colombian Red Cross and American Red Cross for the COVID-19 Outbreak Mortality project, Kuja Kuja listened to more than 21,000 people, leading to significant improvements in logistics and resource distribution. The Red Cross improved workforce empathy, launched mobile health brigades and databases, and introduced new programs for psychosocial support and dental care, ensuring comprehensive community support.


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World Vision

With World Vision, under the Ven Esperanza Cash Consortium, Kuja Kuja incorporated feedback from nearly 6,000 individuals across seven cities in Colombia. This partnership invested in beneficiary training, enhanced communication strategies, and addressed payment integrity issues. World Vision improved program transparency and operations, conducted financial education workshops, and focused on outreach to vulnerable populations. Following Kuja Kuja’s analysis, World Vision also ensured program sustainability by expanding payment options and offering workshops on savings and entrepreneurship.

These collaborations highlight Kuja Kuja's commitment to integrating community feedback into program planning and implementation, resulting in more responsive and effective service delivery across Colombia.



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