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The Democratic Republic of the Congo currently harbors more than 7 million internally displaced persons, the highest number in the nation's history. The provision of healthcare and other essential services for these communities has long depended on foreign aid budgets tailored to minimal quality standards that would not be acceptable elsewhere. Moreover, progress remains stagnant in addressing other crucial needs such as access to clean water.


Beautifully designed with the input of the families who now use the services, Asili's clinics offer the highest quality healthcare in the region, at prices affordable to the average Congolese customer. And currently operating at conveniently located retail outlets in five villages—and soon to be expanding—Asili’s gravity-based reservoir system has revolutionized our customers’ ability to obtain clean, safe water.

Women of Congo: Leading Asili into the future

Women are the backbone of Congolese communites—and of Asili's operations. In the communities where Asili operates, women run the business, from our Medical Director Dr. Ange and our head nurse Adrienne to Mama Faida at our water kiosk and the dedicated farmers feeding their families. It's also women who lead Congo’s growth, representing 73% of farmers and producing over 80% of food crops, and it is their resilience and determination that will drive the country’s—and Asili's—future.

How Asili was co-created with Congolese families

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Asili is involving locals in the design and implementation of the services they need and want. This collaborative approach ensures that the people served by Asili have a say in the services they receive, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment. It also affirms Asili’s accountability in providing world-class service infrastructure, truly operated by and for
the community.

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