Syria and Türkiye earthquake response

Alight, in partnership with Questscope, is actively supporting earthquake survivors in Syria. Our efforts focus on food, shelter, and protection in Aleppo and rural Hama. We're providing hot meals, emergency rations, blankets, dignity kits, and repairing shelter facilities.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Questscope, in partnership with Alight, has been responding for earthquake survivors in Syria since February 6 – the day the earthquake happened. Our teams’ relief efforts have been focused on the Aleppo region, but also include support for families in rural areas near Hama who have received little to no support.

Current response

*Food and emergency relief – Our team has been focused on the emergency needs of families, supporting 6+ shelters and more than 3,000 quake survivors. The team has provided hot meals and emergency food rations to thousands of families. Many of these families were suffering before the quake without enough to eat.

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*Protection & shelter – Our team is providing blankets, warm clothes, dignity kits (for women), and hygiene kits at collective shelters. Electricity is still only available 1 hour per day, so we’ve distributed solar lights to families. Many shelter bathrooms are unlit, have no doors, or are out-of-order. Our teams are working to repair them so they’re safe and hygienic. In the meantime, we’re transporting and paying for families to use Turkish baths (it’s the first time many are able to bathe in the last 22 days).

Next steps

Alight and Questscope are pursuing funding to help get families back into their homes in Aleppo. Government engineers are currently assessing buildings with a four-color system:

– Green indicates buildings need simple window and door repairs before families can return

– Yellow indicates minor structural repairs are needed

– Orange indicates major structural repairs are needed

– Red indicates demolition is needed

Families will remain displaced from their homes until repairs can be made, regardless if theirs is a green, yellow or red building. If we can secure support, our teams will begin addressing green and yellow buildings – replacing windows and doors and making some minor structural fixes – to help people get back into their homes, beginning with vulnerable families.

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Alight rushing to support earthquake survivors

In the early morning hours of Monday, February 6, 2023, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit southern Türkiye and northern Syria, killing more than 2,000 people. This earthquake is the strongest to strike the region since 1939 and there have already been over 78 aftershocks.

Dozens of buildings have been flattened or cracked in the middle and there has been an exodus from the buildings that are still standing as families no longer feel safe. What makes the situation more urgent is that it’s winter – negative temperatures with snow and rain – and the fact that many families are without heat or power. Alight is responding…

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Alight has deep experience responding in emergency situations and, in partnership with Questscope, already has a team on the ground working at shelters as well as community centers around major city areas. Within the first 24 hours, our team has opened and is supporting three shelters in Aleppo, Syria. Right now, what people need most are food, warm clothing, hygiene items, and just a warm place to be. We are also partnering with local NGOs as well as faith-based groups to provide emergency relief in the form of dignity kits, hygiene kits, warm clothing and blankets.

Donate today and Alight will rush your support directly to families in the quake zone.

Stay tuned for more updates on Alight’s earthquake response


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