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obtained access to health care


received water, sanitation, and hygiene services


children under 5 and pregnant and lactating women received nutrition services

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A violent conflict that broke out in 2023 shattered Sudan’s vulnerable peace, leading to the highest levels of internal displacement in the world.  More than 8 million people have lost their homes, with many of them facing extreme hunger. There is inadequate healthcare infrastructure in remote areas, and alarmingly high rates of maternal and infant mortality. There are also recurring droughts exacerbating water scarcity, and limited access to clean water.

  • 42 primary-healthcare clinics, 1 field hospital, and 4 mobile healthcare facilities across five states
  • Cash assistance to 150 vulnerable households in the town of Gereida
  • Cash or in-kind assistance to 1,300 individuals in the province of West Kordofan
One hot meal is changing everything for mothers in Sudan

In the critical moments after birth, both mother and baby need proper care to heal and grow. However, in Sudan's resource-limited refugee camps, this care is often cut short, with mothers sent home without even a hot meal. Alight has launched a new program in camps that ensures new mothers receive a warm meal and a hot drink to support their health, recovery, and well-being after childbirth

Walking again thanks to Alight365’s donors

Mobility is essential, particularly for those who are the sole providers for their households like Tabis Jabir Wad Jabir, a South Sudanese refugee in East Darfur’s Elnimir camp. Tabis had lost a leg while fleeing South Sudan, and her old prosthetic no longer fit correctly. Thanks to Alight365 quick-impact projects, she received a new one from Khartoum. Now, Tabis is fully mobile again, demonstrating the big impact of small gifts.

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