Partner with us

There are many ways to collaborate and co-create with Alight. Together we can reimagine humanitarian aid for the 21st century. Will you join us?

Email us at to learn more.


Partner with us

There are many ways to collaborate and co-create with Alight. Together we can reimagine humanitarian aid for the 21st century. Will you join us?

Email us at to learn more.




Guiding displaced Ukrainians with

Alight joined forces with to offer a lifeline to Ukrainian families displaced by the war. Our network of Alight Guides served as on-the-ground connectors, finding families safe havens in the form of temporary housing across Poland and various European countries. Thanks to this collaboration, more than 73,146 nights of housing have been provided to Ukrainian families, giving them a chance to rest and plan their next steps.

Funding partner

We believe in partnering with organizations that share our commitment to building a world where families affected by displacement can thrive. Interested in making a difference? We'd love to hear from you!

Cause-marketing partner

Imagine making a real difference globally while boosting your brand. Partner with us to create a campaign that aligns with our shared values and resonates with your customers.

In-kind donations partner

Donations are a fantastic way to make a positive impact, but that's not the only option! If you can't contribute financially, consider in-kind donations of products or services that can enhance our wide range of events and programs.

Institutional partner

A substantial share of Alight's funding comes from institutional donors such as USAID and UNHCR, and we couldn’t do our work without them.

Why partner

with Alight


Alight provides services truly worthy of human beings instead of just settling for good enough. We center the displaced and shift power back into the hands of local communities, where it belongs.

Global impact

While our reach is vast, our impact is deep. We’re privileged to be serving more than 4 million people across 20 countries each year.

Innovation focus

As resources are being spread too thin across different global crises, we believe what’s truly needed in this moment is bold innovation and collective action to address the escalating needs of displaced communities.





Combatting Covid-19 with

To combat Covid-19's global spread, Alight partnered with, a design nonprofit focused on social good. The "In Our Hands" campaign targeted densely populated areas, particularly in East Africa and other regions most affected by the pandemic, and we adapted the campaign for diverse communities. Translated into 47 languages, it was disseminated through 29 organizations, 170 influencers, and even 375 Catholic Sisters.

UNHCR’s on-the-ground partner in Sudan

Since 2003, Alight has been a critical partner for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Sudan. When thousands arrived in the country fleeing the conflict in northern Ethiopia, the two organizations collaborated as Alight worked directly with refugees in the region, providing essential services like medical care and clean water, along with other forms of aid. Alight is now one of the largest humanitarian responders in Sudan with almost 1,000 staff, operating across seven states to provide vital services to more than 2 million people each year.

Preparing homes for refugees with Thomson Reuters 

Thomson Reuters partnered with Alight to provide their staff with the opportunity to give back. Thomson Reuters employees were able to support Alight's mission through tax-deductible donations and volunteering opportunities. This partnership came to life when employees from Thomson Reuters' Minneapolis-St. Paul campus volunteered their time to prepare homes for Afghan refugee families that arrived in the United States after the Taliban takeover sparked a mass evacuation in 2021. These dedicated volunteers assembled furniture, cleaned apartments, and set up rooms, making a tangible difference in the lives of these families.

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