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took part in the GBV protection program “Adelante en Comunidad”


women received training and co-created GBV protection strategies in the “Me Protejo, Te Protejo” project


indirect customers benefitted from programs

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El Salvador grapples with pervasive gang violence, severe poverty, and the exploitation of families seeking better lives. Rather than isolated challenges, these issues form a complex web that puts people at risk. Violence has displaced over 175,000 individuals, predominantly women and young people. Plus, a 2022 World Bank report revealed that 21 out of every 100 Salvadoran women aged 15 and above have endured various forms of violence, including sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or familial abuse.

  • Gender-based-violence protection services, education, and safe spaces
  • Well-equipped youth hubs in Catholic Sister-led centers
  • Individual psychosocial support
Sisters on the frontlines of Covid-19

When Covid-19 arrived in El Salvador, nuns were on the frontlines, reaching some of the most vulnerable communities in the country. Recognizing their unique power, Alight joined them, building emergency planning strategies and getting the sisters any extra training they needed, all while keeping them safe through virtual guidance – so they could keep their work going.

The Color Movement: A vibrant collaboration

Since 2018, Alight has been collaborating closely with Catholic Sisters in El Salvador on a breakthrough project called The Color Movement. This initiative is driven by three key elements: a bold, beautiful brand identity, increased resources for the Sisters to expand their impact, and powerful partnerships and storytelling to inspire a global community.

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