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The Color Movement

The Color Movement is a co-creation between Catholic Sisters, Alight, and Sisters Rising Worldwide. Weaving together our strengths, we work to amplify and sustain the work of the Sisters as they spark change and save lives in some of the toughest communities out there.

Alight El Salvador

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El Salvador is plagued with endemic gang violence, extreme poverty, and the exploitation of families trying to create a meaningful life. Rather than independent problems requiring targeted solutions, these crippling issues make up a complicated web of knots, connected to each other, that ensnare those unlucky enough to get caught in their grasp. Salvadorans have lost hope for their future. And when hope is extinguished, the only way forward is out.  


Here’s the good news – there’s a Sister at every one of those knots, heads down, working away.

For many in El Salvador, Catholic Sisters represent a counter narrative to the violence and fear communities experience daily. Instead, they’re one of the most beloved and trusted people in their lives. In nearly every corner of El Salvador, Sisters do the hard work of addressing the most pressing needs of their own neighborhoods, day in and day out.

Alight is and always will be a non-sectarian, non-religious organization. But we also recognize true humanitarians when we see them. Now, we’ve decided to join forces with the Sisters, amplifying the change they’re already making, lifting their voices in unison. And we’re calling it The Color Movement.

Over the past few years, Alight teams have been in El Salvador, learning from and working with Catholic Sisters and the neighborhoods they envelope with their sanctuary spaces. What’s resulted from a year’s worth of learning and insights is a new, breakthrough project created hand-in-hand with Catholic Sisters, their communities,, Global Shapers San Salvador Hub, Minnesota businesspeople, a Sister-led organization called Sisters Rising Worldwide, and Alight.

Together, we’ve designed a movement that’s all about joy, shining a light on abundance in El Salvador.

The Movement is propelled by three things. First, it’s a bold, beautiful, and colorful identity that unites Sisters and the people they serve, giving kids something positive to rally under. Second, it puts more resources into the hands of the Sisters, amplifying what they’re already doing and bringing to life new ideas for how to do even more. This looks like support both big and small, tailored to their specific communities – things like new youth centers, more school supplies, vocational school, painting classes, women’s empowerment programs, and more. And third, the Color Movement opens up meaningful pathways of connection to the wider world, allowing people in, sharing stories of hope and resilience.


Through co-creation and design we have been able to build a movement that amplifies the good of the sisters in Apopa and La Chacra. Through the Color Movement, Alight has served over 5,000 Salvadorans.

"We are all in this together, and only together can we get ahead"

Sister Maria Paz Ramirez, El Salvador

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