ORAM’s train-the-trainer programs

Alight’s affiliate ORAM has been implementing a "Training of Trainers" (ToT) program for LGBTIQ refugees based in Kenya across the city of Nairobi as well as in Kakuma Refugee Camp.


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This innovative initiative provides LGBTIQ refugees the tools and skills to facilitate trainings and become leaders to address their community's challenges.

In Nairobi, ten LGBTIQ refugee facilitators led trainings on small business management and financial literacy to 97 other queer refugees. In Kakuma Refugee Camp, LGBTIQ refugee facilitators led a training about ORAM's kitchen gardening program for 60 LGBTIQ refugees. The kitchen garden program teaches participants skills related to planting, growing, and harvesting crops. As a result of the training, kitchen gardens were successfully established in the refugee camp to address growing food insecurity caused by the ongoing drought.

“The problem is, people give them [LGBTIQ refugees] money, then they have nothing. The difference with ORAM is that they train. They train and then provide money... So many people want to work, they have no idea where to start,” Lee (Leader of Freedom House Initiative).

Learn more about ORAM's training programs.

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