Co-creating LGBTIQ arrival guides for newcomers

“I love the fact that this has been created by us and for us. Nothing for us without us. Co-creation restores dignity.”

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In May 2024, Alight and the Foundation for Lesbian, Bisexual, and Gender Non-Confirming Refugees (FLBQR) hosted a co-creation event with LGBTQ+ community groups in Nairobi. Alight launched two new “Arrival Guides” that support informed decision making for LGBTQ+ newcomers in Kenya. More than 60 people attended the day-long workshop, including representatives from dozens of community-based organizations (CBOs), including RCK Kenya, CWS Global, HIAS, ORAM, the US Embassy, and UNHCR Kenya.

Energy was high and ideas were flowing!  The day closed with all sharing their personal pledge to continue to support the LGBTQ+ displaced community.  

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